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Any recs on what to do the morning of the LSAT?

Oddish10Oddish10 Yearly Member
in June 2022 LSAT 32 karma

I'm taking the June 2022 LSAT, which I think is the only afternoon LSAT test? I'm a morning person, and I would actually prefer taking the test first thing in the morning. What do people recommend doing the morning of an afternoon LSAT? And also simulated PTs?


  • hotranchsaucehotranchsauce Alum Member
    edited March 5 288 karma

    You ain't gon' be learning anything new enough to make meaningful impact on your test result. But I ate around 5 donuts starting around 9 AM and concluding once I finished my test, making sure to eat one during the break as well. I scored my personal best official test doing this (163). Correlation =/= causation and all that, but I legit think it helped me (helped morale, maybe sugar spikes helped my cognition? I don't know). Donut shop though, not store bought garbage. The official LSAT is a horrible experience by design, whatever you can do (within the rules) to make the experience better or more enjoyable for yourself could end up garnering you more points than an extra week of study time.

  • claremontclaremont Alum Member
    373 karma


    If you're taking the test through ProctorU, you get to schedule which day and time you want from the available slots about 2-3 weeks before the test date. It's first come first serve, so if you're early enough you should be able to select a time in the morning that works best for you.

  • madisondpolstonmadisondpolston Alum Member
    3 karma

    You can schedule it in the morning, you're in good shape!

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