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Can a Gap Year improve my score?

lily2644lily2644 Alum Member
edited March 2022 in General 16 karma

If I take a gap year, will my score suffer because I won't be doing school every day?


  • 10trent3310trent33 Alum Member
    65 karma

    A gap year can't improve your score, but what you do in a gap year can. If anything a break from school could be beneficial, as your brain can get fatigued during the school year. Just make sure you study regularly and you should be okay! I decided to take a year off before applying again and I do not regret it at all.

  • woahhhbrowoahhhbro Alum Member
    35 karma

    A gap year can improve your score so long as you use the time to study! I am currently in a gap year planning on taking my first LSAT this summer and I do not regret it at all. I was able to focus on my GPA finishing college and then was able to focus my time towards the LSAT

  • msjusticemsjustice Monthly Member
    15 karma

    I think a gap year can be beneficial if you use your time wisely! Not being in school will give you a really good opportunity to dedicate as much time as possible to studying for the LSAT. I personally find that I study best when I have a bit of a time crunch though, so if you're the same, be sure to set milestones and deadlines for yourself!

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