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Engineer to Law

donna-walkerdonna-walker Free Trial Member
in General 6 karma

Interested in pursuing a law degree .. graduated college many years ago. Call it my change of life…

Where should I start in respect to LSAT studying and prepping? Finances are an issue so anything free or low budget I’m

First 3 steps to moving forward on lsat other than registering … need to take it slow but moving forward at a decent pace.

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  • tapny1tapny1 Alum Member
    181 karma

    Hi! I'm a career-changer too. I found books to be the cheapest way to just get started. You can see your strengths and weaknesses. I liked "Loophole" by Cassidy, the Manhattan Prep RC book, and the PowerScore Logic Games bible for LG. Watch some free videos on Youtube, work on some Khan Academy, and see where you need to go! I've been very happy with 7sage Practice test analytics. You'll need an LSAC account and you'll need to pay the $99 for access to their tests since practice is important. Good luck!

  • donna-walkerdonna-walker Free Trial Member
    6 karma

    Thank you so much!

  • yunonsieyunonsie Member
    611 karma

    Imho stay away from Khan Academy. Although I appreciate that it's free, the LSAT material is not organized well or explained well. I was also trying to save money on study materials, but ultimately it was not a good use of my time. Also stay away from prep books and classes from Princeton Review and Kaplan.... I just think they're convoluted and useless. As the person above said: Loophole and Powerscore are so popular for good reasons. I also really liked LSAT Trainer by Mike Kim once I decided to re-start my LSAT prep. I had a friend who was finished studying so I took his used books for free. You can also look on Facebook marketplace, nextdoor, your local public library, or even in the forum here. The ones I liked most were the ones I went onto buy myself. Don't pay for paperback prep-tests, pay for a online subscription so you can look at the same question in a more 'fresh' way (plus the test is online too). Unfortunately the reality is that this process is going to cost $$$, but it's worth some initial investment so that you're getting good material to learn from.

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