PT32.S2.P2 - passage discussion (the 4th paragraph)

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Hi all,
Based on the 4th paragraph, I wanna know how do you tell where the author's tone/ emphasis lies? Through the whole 4th paragraph, it seems to me that the author is simplyly reporting the critics' viewpoint. That is, the author sounds quite detached, IMO. I couldn't see any line or word which suggest author endorese or commit to either a critic or proponent.

Could you please share how do you see this paragraph? Thanks a lot.

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    I think the author's tone remains pretty balanced (but critical) through the entire passage, and that doesn't really change. They don't offer any advantages, just the disadvantages, and only report on what the critics have to say. I guess the last sentence could be bottling up the author's only real insight:

    "it is only by adopting the perspectives and methods of the cultures studied that real understanding can be achieved"

    Hopeful that an understanding can be achieved? Still critical of what the existing proposals are, though.

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