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How do you get around scrap paper limitations?

Matthew100xMatthew100x Core Member

I was just thinking to myself that a lot of JY's work, especially in logical reasoning questions, use diagrams and logically expressions. But on the digital test, I can't draw or write any sort of lawgic near the questions to help me answer the questions. We do get 5 pages of scrap paper, but I often find myself saving that for the Logic Games in the event that I get a double logic game section. Is there anyway around this limitation?

Please note: I am not asking to literally get around scrap paper limitations. I want to learn your strategy of dealing with difficult questions with or without scrap paper.


  • JD__2528JD__2528 Alum Member
    93 karma

    Before going into taking PTs, I was worried about this too. But for LG (which I get around -1~-2), I just wanted to leave a note that it actually rarely takes more than 1 sheet of paper if you're very organized.

    Try folding a blank paper in half, and do each questions only using half a paper (4 games, so that would be only one blank paper, front and back. Mark G1-G4 in the very top corner). This would require you to be (1) extremely neat in the way you write, (2) only write necessary things. It is tough, but once you get the hang of it, you'll find that it's much easier to make inferences (because it's just so neat and simple to read and see), and easier to go back to certain marked questions.

    And that leaves you 4 empty sheet of papers to work on LR, should you need to diagram/take notes. In case of 2 LG sections, still gives you three extra (and for LR, I think one page would be more than enough for one section, given we don't have time to draw out all the questions).

  • tapny1tapny1 Alum Member
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    You can use 5 sheets of 2-sided paper

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