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Is the June LSAT harder than the rest?

emilyloiselle6emilyloiselle6 Monthly Member
in June 2022 LSAT 8 karma

I have heard that the June LSAT is significantly harder.. is that true? I have heard it from a few people and I am nervous. Also I want to apply for Fall 2022, and it says the deadline is 06/30/22... I got a 136 on the first LSAT (I did not study at all) and I am wondering if law schools will consider my second score if I get it after I apply to law school.


  • Lawyer_LoadingLawyer_Loading Alum Member
    92 karma

    I would suggest sitting this cycle and applying in Fall 2023. You will have more time to study and prepare. At this time, almost all scholarships have been dispersed which mean you are less likely to get a scholarship if you apply now.

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    7925 karma

    No administration is objectively harder than another. But, I agree with the previous response. There is little to no reason for you to apply now. I could see applying if you were well above a school's medians, only wanted to go to said school, and did not care about financial aid. What you are suggesting is the equivalent of withdrawing your test registration fee and application fees from an ATM and setting the money on fire.

    One of the best things anyone can do for their LSAT prep is to forget about the "ideal" timeline. IMO it is hugely detrimental to progress... probably the least talked about factor with ironically one of the biggest impacts. Focus on good prep and let your progress dictate when you take the test and when you apply. An extra year (or two or three+) is nothing if it means the difference between a 140 and a 170... which is a life-altering difference in outcomes.

    To answer your second question. Law schools you apply to will receive any updated score, and "consider" it if it helps their medians.

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