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LSAT Lab vs 7Sage vs. LSAT Demon

MARKNYC1969MARKNYC1969 Alum Member
edited April 25 in General 54 karma

Hi. I just wanted to see what people think of these 3 LSAT programs? 7Sage? LSAT Demon? LSAT Lab? Which one did you use and prefer and why? Thanks! :)


  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Yearly Member
    1603 karma

    I’ve never heard of lab but a couple of my friends liked demon. Have you done the CC here on 7sage?

  • 50 karma

    I tried the demon for months. Overpriced. Nate is very smug so that was also a big turn off. Their explanations for logical reasoning were too vague for me as well. As soon as I switched to 7 sage my scores improved.

  • MARKNYC1969MARKNYC1969 Alum Member
    54 karma

    No. I have not done the CC on 7Sage as of yet. I wanted to start studying right now for the November 2022 LSAT. I was going to read the PowerScore and Manhattan Prep bibles instead of the 7Sage CC.

  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Yearly Member
    1603 karma

    @MARKNYC1969 Gotcha. I just finished the CC and liked it but I can't say how it affected my PT scores or if it left me lacking in any areas because I haven't started PTing yet. I will say that from my internet browsing of different resources, 7Sage is always highly praised for its logic games lessons. I'm not sure what areas you need the most help in but you may want to consider that. It's a large reason I went with 7Sage.

  • Steven_B-1Steven_B-1 Monthly Member
    741 karma

    I like the demon simply because of the drilling feature on their app which automatically feeds you questions at the level it assess you're at. So, as you start being more accurate, you'll start getting harder and harder questions which makes studying much easier and convenient.

    Besides that, 7 sage all the way.

    I really like LSAT labs RC videos and their reasoning structure explanations. They go straight to the core of what the LSAT is testing with relatable examples and they're very funny and down to earth.

    I still think 7sage is better in terms of the breadth of knowledge the video lessons cover but you have to be a self-reliant studier and be accustomed to learning through recorded lessons.

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