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June 2022 LSAT

yiseultoktok-1-1-1-1yiseultoktok-1-1-1-1 Monthly Member
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I'm registered for the June 2022 exam but I want to delay it to August/Sept but it doesn't have the option for me to to change dates? Does anyone know why is it that we can't see or choose later dates?


  • sdumlaosdumlao Alum Member
    187 karma

    Hi @yiseultoktok ,

    We should be able to register for other test dates by Mid-May. I think we aren't able to chose a later date yet because the June test date is considered their last exam for the 2021-2022 cycle and the first exam for the 2022-2023 cycle will be the August 2022 exam. They do have their future test administrations posted on their website, but I guess we still have to wait to register for them.

    This is from the email LSAC sent to those of us registered for the June 2022 exam regarding their test date change policy:
    "The deadline to withdraw from the June LSAT and be eligible to receive a full refund is Wednesday, April 27, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Registration for the 2022-2023 testing cycle will open in mid-May. If you are currently registered for the June LSAT but would prefer to switch to a future LSAT administration, you can withdraw from the June test by April 27 and receive a full refund of the June 2022 test fee, then re-register for the test of your choice once registration opens in mid-May. After April 27, changing your test date to a future administration will involve a test-date-change fee."

    This is from the LSAC's Test Date Changes, Frequently Asked Questions:
    "What if I’m registered for the final exam in a testing year?
    If you’re registered for the final exam of a testing year (e.g., the June 2021 LSAT) and the exam’s Test Date Change deadline has not yet passed, you may change your test date to the first exam of the following testing year. The first exam of the 2021-2022 testing year will be administered in August.
    If registration for the first exam of the following testing year is not yet available, you can request a coupon, which you will be able to use once registration opens. This coupon will only be good for the first test of the following testing year."

    You can see their schedule of upcoming LSAT administrations here:

    Hope that helps! Happy Studying!


  • changhbbchanghbb Monthly Member
    53 karma

    Hi, thanks for the info.
    I just signed up for the June exam. Do you know around which date we can select the time slot?

  • sdumlaosdumlao Alum Member
    187 karma

    Hi @changhbb ,

    Your welcome!

    Most candidates should be able to start scheduling their June 2022 test day and time starting on May 26, 2022.

    Also according to the email LSAC sent to June registrants regarding the test dates: “ The June LSAT will be administered over several days starting on Friday, June 10, 2022. In most cases, candidates will have the option to choose the day and time of their test when scheduling opens on Thursday, May 26, 2022.”

    Hope that helps! Happy Studying!


  • changhbbchanghbb Monthly Member
    edited May 4 53 karma

    @sdumlao thanks a lot!

  • sunnysky20sunnysky20 Monthly Member
    4 karma

    I think test-slot selection already opened, but I havent received anything from LSAC about it (and it's my first time, so I don't have any ProctorU credentials either) is this normal?

  • dmlang22dmlang22 Monthly Member
    117 karma

    @sunnysky20 hm they emailed everyone with it on the 26th. I would 2x check your email: I got the email and was able to sign up for a test date and time then.

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