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Study Group for June/August exams! Tutor with 178 in server.

dodo21dodo21 Member
edited May 2022 in Study Groups 91 karma

Hello everyone, I'm putting together a study group for the June/August 2022 exams!

I've personally scored a 172 on the official February exam, and now I'm shooting for 175+! People from all levels and scores are welcome though.

I am thinking of going through a PT a weeek, and reviewing it together. We could of course do more than that, for example, individual sections and more.

I want to have a server with a sense of community, where it isn't just about doing that one PT a week. We will also have channels for help in different sections of the LSAT, and for just chatting. I personally enjoy explaining things to others, which helps me solidify my own understanding.

As mentioned in the title, a good friend of mine, who is a tutor with an official 178 will be on the server. He'll be available for advice and to answer LSAT questions.

Drop a comment if you're interested, and I'll send you the invite link!!

Edit: Wow this got a lot more attention than I expected! Thanks a lot to everyone who joined or showed interest! We're now at 75 people, and the server is full. More than 75 would have been an unmanageable number, since we want to meet every week (though probably not everyone will participate). My apologies to anyone who wanted to join, but couldn't. We'll invite more people after the June test, since many will leave after that. Thanks again everyone, and I wish you the very best in your LSAT journey!



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