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From the 66th Percentile to the 95th Percentile. Thanks!

ddeesweeddeeswee Member
edited May 2022 in General 16 karma

Hey y'all,

When I first started studying for the LSAT, my diagnostic score was a 157, and my early prep test results were all in the mid-150 range. It's a perfectly good score, but in order to have a stronger application and a better chance at scholarships, I knew that I wanted to improve on it. I completed the 7Sage curriculum over about 6 months by working at it for a few hours every day after work. After completing the curriculum, my practice test scores were almost always above 170, and my actual April 2022 test score came back as a 169. I'm really happy with it. My diagnostic test score placed me in the 66th Percentile. With 7Sage, my actual test score was in the 95th percentile of all test takers. A 29 percent increase! Wild. I'm really proud of myself, and really grateful to 7Sage for making this curriculum [relatively] accessible. I feel confident that the money I invested in this online resource will pay off with larger scholarship opportunities moving forward, which is a good trade.

I'm sharing this as encouragement, because reading these kinds of posts from other users really boosted my morale when I first started with 7Sage. The curriculum is ridiculously long and appears really daunting when you start out! But at least in my case, it helped so much. Good luck to everyone who is still on (or just starting) this course! Stick with it!



  • CorgiCanLSATCorgiCanLSAT Member
    60 karma

    A friend of mine got a full-ride to a T-20 school with that score! Of course, there were other extremely attract aspects of her application, but you are rightly stoked!

  • keylimequeen88-1keylimequeen88-1 Core Member
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    THIS is great thank you. I initially planned to do 7Sage in three months but after starting it and realizing all of the info that needs to be understood, I pushed my exam date to november. It seems like a long time but after reading your post it seems reasonable. Thank you!

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