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Should I wait to take the LSAT

ssclafani3-1-1ssclafani3-1-1 Monthly Member
in June 2022 LSAT 9 karma

So I have been studying for the June 2022 LSAT for roughly 6 months during school and have not been able to dedicate as much time as I would like. I am aiming to get above a 170+. I spend most of my time drilling sections, not taking as many PTS. I have gotten a 173 as my highest score on a PT (only once) and have broken into the 170+ range two others times both 172. Right now I typically get the anywhere between a 165-170 on my PTS. Should I wait to take the LSAT in August to try improving my score and using the summer to study? Or should I go for the June test and use my one time look ahead for a score cancellation for first time test takers? I am conflicted because I feel like I am right on he cusp of getting where I want to be and I have three more weeks until the June 11 test. Just wondering what anyone else's thoughts were on this! Thanks!


  • claremontclaremont Alum Member
    373 karma

    I would take it in June. After the test keep studying with the intention of taking it in August. Scores are released on the 29th. If you didn't reach your goal then register for the August test (deadline to register I believe is 30 June). Just make sure you get your writing sample taken care of so you don't have any delays with your score. Best of luck

  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Yearly Member
    1055 karma

    I think @claremont gave great advice. Taking the real test in June may help you some with test-day jitters if you have to retake in the future. And I’ve heard from a ton of people who got into T14 schools, often with large scholarships, that took the test multiple times.

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