Logic Games - getting -0 while timed! Advice needed

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I was wondering if anyone has any tips and getting to -0 for timed PTs for LGs?

When I blind review, I correct it to -0 but then under timed PTs I still get -3, to even -6 under timed conditions.

It seems I get overwhelmed when a game has a lot of variables? For example, PT 68 game 4, I missed three questions, two cbt (felt overwhelmed under timed PT by rule that consecutive can't be the same topic, and brute forcing answer choices).

Other PTs I noticed my mistakes are I didn't read the questions stem properly under timed, or through a mbt question chose an answer that could be true. So tips for that pressure of timed PTs would be appreciative lol

I've foolproof before but haven't done so in a month, should I just get back it?


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    See my reply here: https://7sage.com/discussion/#/discussion/32374/how-to-do-well-on-lg-section-on-a-first-try

    Basically just keep going. Anyone can perfect LG and really IMO there is no reason to take the test without being able to hit -0. If you don't you gave up too soon. In the -3 range, I would focus on the specific things you are losing points to. A certain game or question type? Identify what it is then drill it into the ground. For instance, for rule substitution questions, I have students pull every game with one, then we drill just the setup and the individual question.

    From what you posted it sounds like the issue is more fluidity, which would indicate the need for more time on complex games... maybe focus on level 4-5 games or any type that gives you issues. You should have complete confidence that you could pick out any random game that you've "foolproofed" and run it quickly and fluidly with 100% accuracy. I would also examine your section attack. Are you looking at every answer choice, or leaving as soon as you find an answer? Are you leaving global questions for last and skipping rule substitution questions? Does your timing data reveal any lag/dwell time on correct answers or inordinate amounts of time spent on a question before skipping? It is a reasonable goal to have 10 minutes left over in a section to take a second swing at problem questions or eliminate unpicked answers.

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    In addition to the advice above, consider whether you're doing the easy/average games quickly enough. It's normal to feel overwhelmed by game with lots of variables or games that seem to require a lot of brute forcing - it's easier to manage that if you know you have enough time for it. PT68 Game 4, for example, can take up to 14 minutes to complete even for people who are excellent at games. If you didn't have that kind of time, then the issue may lie in the first two games or the third. You may want to drill a lot of basic ordering and grouping games until you can get them done significantly under the recommended time.

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    This is all great advice, and I will be practice/analyzing these good points!

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