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Looking for ways to improve

rachellaterrachellater Core Member
in General 46 karma

currently scoring -10 ish on all categories. Best tips to improve? have been studying about 25 days.


  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Core Member
    2158 karma

    If you’re looking for the most bang for your buck, then start fool proofing logic games. The core curriculum explains the concept of “fool proofing” and, in my experience, most people can pick up points in LG pretty quickly.

  • Aastha SAastha S Member Administrator Sage 7Sage Tutor
    401 karma

    Hey! The best thing you can do for yourself to figure out where you stand to gain the most amount of improvement is blind reviewing your full length preptests! That way you can diagnose what's a timing issue vs what's a content issue. For each section, the road to improvement looks a little different. For games, you want to spend your time foolproofing. For LR, make you sure you master each question type. And for RC, focus on being able to identify the low-res summaries for each paragraph. Everyone's journey to their goal score is unique simply because of your innate strengths and weaknesses! If you would like a more targeted and individualized plan for how you should be studying, consider working with one of our 99th percentile scoring tutors! If you have any questions about how our tutors could fit into your current studying, feel free to use this link to schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me:

    Good luck with the rest of your studying and I hope to hear from you soon!

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