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I am just so confused about the answer choices provided and why A is the correct answer. Nowhere did the paragraph say that it is premature to talk about the critics' concerns.

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    It is important to remember that answer choices may not use the exact same wording as is used in the question itself.

    If you read the stimulus without even looking at the answer choices it is clear that the report's author agrees with the critic that the program should produce a coherent vision for the future of the program, but he also says that in order to do anything at all, the program must maintain government funding and to get that funding the program has to regain a reputation for competence (i.e. focus on pragmatic solutions to the large number of problems in the program).
    So it is premature to address the critic's concerns because if you don't solve the funding problem first, then it is impossible to ever have a coherent vision for the future of the program because there won't be a program.

    The critic is saying "do A instead of B" and the author is responding that " if A -> B". If the necessary fails (/B) then so too does the sufficient (/A). You cannot have A without B and thus it is imperative that B is met before we can worry about A being met.

    A = Produce a coherent vision for the future of the program
    B = focusing on pragmatic solutions in to regain reputation for competence and thus allow continued gov funding.

    Another way to approach this question is to ask yourself "do any of these other answers make sense?" On some of the 5/5 difficulty questions the difference between the right and wrong answers can be very tricky, but on a question like this its pretty clear that the other answers do not come close to correct.

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    While the stimulus doesn't have any explicit mention of how addressing the concerns now would be premature, what it does say is that there are steps that still need to be taken before addressing those concerns (ie. continued funding, improve reputation). Something that can be helpful when approaching a question like this is translating the stimulus into your own words to get the general meaning of it. For this stimulus, that would look something like 'critics say we should look to the future, we agree, but we have to deal with these other things before we do that.'

    I hope that was helpful! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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