PT3.S4.Q02 - Behind the hope that computers

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I don't understand why C is correct. Initially I chose D then in BR I chose E. Please help!


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    The argument is that computers can't replace teachers. Why? Because teachers do something indispensable. What is that indispensable thing? They teach the grasp of general concepts. But the argument sort of just stops there.

    Remember, when weakening we want to look for assumptions that we then attack. What is being assumed? That this thing (teaching general concepts) is unique to teachers and not computers. Choice C tells us that computers can do it too!

    Choice D is wrong because it's having a different conversation - it's talking about facts and rules. But the argument sort of already conceded at the beginning that IF it were just about this, of course computers could replace teachers. The author would reply "Yeah, I already admitted this" - it's not responsive.

    Choice E is wrong for the same reason - it's about facts/rules, which aren't a part of the argument. Also, if it weren't possible for this to be learned, it doesn't help our comparative (which is computers versus teachers).

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