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Tips for Aug Test (June test taker)

Claire123Claire123 Alum Member
in General 62 karma

Hi everyone!
I took the June test and it was exactly my average from PTs (166)
My goal score is a 170

I am registered for the Aug. test but don't know how to move forward with studying from now until then and am also running low on materials.

Any advice would be much appreciated!
Thank you!


  • RaphaelPRaphaelP Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    1089 karma

    Nice job! That's a great score. And 4 points is just a few questions - that certainly puts you within striking distance of your goal score.

    I'd advise you to do the following -

    (1) Ask yourself whether your issue is timing or fundamentals. Blind Review will tell you that - is your BR score over a 170? If not, you probably need to do a bit more focus on learning the material (reviewing a Wrong Answer Journal, watching videos, maybe redoing parts of the Core Curriculum). If your BR is over a 170, this is a speed and technique issue. I'd work on doing timed sections, recording yourself, building a timing strategy, foolproofing, etc.

    (2) What sections are you weaker in? Remember - you just need 3-4 questions to get to that target score. Shoot for the low-hanging fruit and spend time focusing on the one you're weaker in (especially if you're anything other than -0 or -1 on LG at this point).

    Hope this helps - and if you think tutoring might be of use, we're also around to chat (

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