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no progress in LR so demoralizing I want to give up

changhbbchanghbb Monthly Member
edited July 4 in Logical Reasoning 53 karma

I've been studying for almost 10 months now, and still scoring low in LR (not much different in RC...)
in the beginning I used to get -13 wrong and got better constantly scoring just below -10
some times I got around -5 but those sections were the ones that had 2-star difficulty...
feel like I'm spending my time and energy for nothing.
so demoralizing


  • eddy_13033eddy_13033 Monthly Member
    22 karma

    Mike Kims Lsat might be able to help but have you tried taking a break for a day or two ? you may be burned out

  • Steven_B-1Steven_B-1 Monthly Member
    641 karma

    Have you tried reading a the Loophole by Ellen Cassidy? It really helps and supplements 7sage well

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Alum Member Sage 🍌
    26494 karma

    There are a few specific reasons this might be happening. The problem is knowing exactly which one it is. So the bad news is that you probably have invested a lot of time and energy for nothing because you’ve been addressing things that likely aren’t the real problem. The good news is that that doesn’t have to continue. You just have to identify the issue so that you can redirect your efforts towards the real problem.
    I bet we can diagnose this in three questions or less. From there, developing a study plan to get you improving again will be fairly straight forward.
    So first question: How are you doing in BR?

  • victoriastarrett92victoriastarrett92 Monthly Member
    34 karma

    If you can swing it I suggest the Loophole by Ellen Cassidy and the Daily Live Tutoring with her as well.

    Most problems with LR come from misreading the stimulus or trying to read it all at once and remember it all at once. Read it line by line and make sure you know what you're reading before you move on to the next line. If this slows you down significantly, that means you don't actually know what you're reading and you should definitely get the Loophole book.

  • changhbbchanghbb Monthly Member
    53 karma

    Thank you all for your supporting comments and helpful advices. I read the Trainers and Manhattan Prep and got myself Loophole as well but haven't finished reading it. I've done some CLIR practices and found them helpful. Maybe I should go back and firm up the basics

  • anureet.bhattianureet.bhatti Monthly Member
    10 karma

    Hello, I was wondering is this under timed or untimed conditions. If you are getting most questions right untimed , then you understand the reasoning and your approach is right. The timing will come with more practice.

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