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When to get a tutor?

aadyv1234-1aadyv1234-1 Core Member
edited July 2022 in General 40 karma

I am a little over a month into my studying and am 22% into the CC. I have been studying with 7sage and the trainer.

1st pt: 154
2nd pt:152 BR:160
3rd pt: 150 BR:157

I am feeling very discouraged that my pts have plateaued. I am wondering whether I should consult a tutor or whether to wait to consult one until after I have completed the CC.

Is this kind of plateau normal with only 22% of the CC completed and does anyone have any advice regarding next steps?

Thanks for your help!


  • rachellaterrachellater Core Member
    46 karma

    what are you scoring in each section?

  • MattDegz14MattDegz14 Member
    129 karma

    My advice would be to hold off on the PTs until you've completed a majority of the CC. You've only been studying for a month and your PTs will improve with time. You can't become an expert at the LSAT overnight. It took me nearly a year to reach 170. Not saying it will be the same for you but these things take time.

  • Steven_B-1Steven_B-1 Member
    778 karma

    Finish the CC first

  • sophiaab98sophiaab98 Free Trial Member
    1 karma

    If you just can't seem to concentrate on school, start handing in assignments late, or blow off your homework, it's time to get a tutor. Students who completely shut down and stop trying have gotten so frustrated that they just give up. A little help can get you back on track.Depending on your student's needs, hiring an outside tutor can be a good option. You could hire local certified teachers, nearby college ..

  • aadyv1234-1aadyv1234-1 Core Member
    40 karma

    @rachellater said:
    what are you scoring in each section?

    On my last pt
    RC -11
    LR -9
    LG -10

    Previous PT
    RC -8
    LR -7

  • 0hbergine0hbergine Member
    60 karma

    As many 7Sagers will tell you, LG is the most difficult section without guidance and also the easiest section to improve on. It just takes practice and time. I think you can still improve significantly with 7Sage alone, without a tutor. Good luck!

  • tinacioust-1tinacioust-1 Live Member
    edited July 2022 111 karma

    From my own personal experience, the value of a tutor is that they can help you spot-treat your weaknesses. It's hard to know where you really need help until you finish the curriculum and/or complete a few PT's. Otherwise, you spend most of your time with a tutor learning fundamentals. Which could be useful for some people! But not necessarily cost-effective -- tutors run anywhere from $50 - $300 per hour.

    My advice would be to try and self-correct as much as possible: complete the curriculum, then take a few PT's, and see what patterns emerge around your missed questions. I started to notice some patterns around why I continue to get certain questions wrong after a few months, and even longer to see specifically what I'm misunderstanding strategy-wise. Tutors can help you diagnose issues in strategy, but again, if money is a big factor for you, you might benefit more from popping into an small study session, trying a different perspective from another LSAT service, or just accruing questions under your belt to understand what keeps going wrong and why.

    Whether you choose to get a tutor now or later, it's not a bad decision either way. You just might save more much-needed funds to re-purpose to applications, another course, etc.

    Good luck!

  • lucasjameszieglerlucasjamesziegler Core Member
    123 karma

    I got a tutor after I completed CC and was kind of like now what, spent 2 months burning through PT's with zero growth and stuck at the 150/152 range. My section scores are getting better, my understanding of why I get questions wrong is better, my journaling of questions is better, my habits are getting better.

    But I would wait until after CC is done. Also really focus on the Lawgic! My tutor immediately identified this as a major weakness.

  • Glutton for the LSATGlutton for the LSAT Alum Member
    526 karma

    Kinda depends on what you need. If you're looking for conceptual understanding, you might be better off self studying until you're a few points away from your ideal score and asking a tutor to help you reach the last few points. Personally, I got a tutor at some point simply because I needed some kind of personal accountability coach.

  • rachellaterrachellater Core Member
    46 karma

    I would try to focus on the LG section first. I was scoring similar to you in the beginning but I focused a lot on LG and went from scoring -11 consistently to -1 or -2 now, which makes a big difference in your score! I took a local class before 7sage - and it helped a lot, it was not a private tutor. I personally needed something in person to help me stay accountable for a month to start, but 7sage has helped me too by just providing all the tests!

  • tapny1tapny1 Alum Member
    181 karma

    why not get just a one-off with a tutor to jump start thinking about any one section in a new way? that will probably answer your question as to whether to start regularly work with one

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