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Any LR Tips?

bsain022-1bsain022-1 Monthly Member

Hi, I'll be taking the August test and I wanted to know if anyone had any tips on timing for LR and problem solving. My goal score is a 170-175 and I'm finding myself stuck on certain question types. I'm currently scoring in the mid 160s and have majority of my wrong answers in LR. Thanks!


  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Monthly Member
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    It’s generally easier to pick up speed in LR on the first ~10 questions rather than later questions, as the earlier questions tend to be easier. The hard questions are just that: hard questions. For most of them, you just have to have time to think about them, regardless of how good your are at LR. Therefore, learning to get through the earlier questions quicker is typically a safer bet than trying to get through the later questions quicker. You may have to sacrifice a little bit of confidence in your early answers, but the earlier questions are usually easier to answer with your intuition. They also typically have more glaring flaws/assumptions/structures. The LSAT really is a game of seconds, and on the more difficult questions you need every second you can get.

  • bsain022-1bsain022-1 Monthly Member
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    @"Matt Sorr" Thank you for the tip. I really appreciate it!

  • RaphaelPRaphaelP Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    I'd say the most underrated thing is just getting faster on the 1-2 star questions. 30 seconds saved on an easy question is 30 extra seconds on a medium or hard one. People put a lot of pressure on themselves to crack hard questions more quickly, which I think is unnecessary - the top test-takers will often spend a lot of time on the hard questions; the reason they can afford to do that is because they are quick on the easy ones!
    So, I'd say that a big thing to drill would be the first 5-10 LR questions in sections. Aim to spend 30 seconds or less on these. If you can get to that point consistently, you'll have tons of time banked for the harder ones.

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    get the loophole

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