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Green Card holder with Bachelors and Masters from India

Hey guys, I have recently immigrated to USA and I have done Bachelors (4 year) and Masters from India. I got my degrees evaluated from a NACES member agency and they have given my degree as equal to bachelors in USA as well as my Masters as Masters degree in USA. They gave me GPA A(3.93) in my bachelors and A(4.0) in my Masters. Then i came to know that my GPA would not be calculated as i am internationally educated. So, my concern is that will this thing effect me during my admission process? Will my admission to law school be entirely dependent on my LSAT score? Will i be considered as international or domestic students during my admission?

Please help if anyone has any information regarding this.
Thanks in advance.


  • C_S_D 01C_S_D 01 Alum Member
    244 karma

    I'm not very knowledgeable about undergrad and graduate equivalent calculations, but I highly doubt that they would entirely dismiss your gpa.
    I came from an international context high school and they had ways of calculating my gpa equivalent for university admission. I can only imagine there is something similar for the University and post graduate levels.
    How could there not be?

    Good luck to you as you pursue your studies.

  • Selene SteelmanSelene Steelman Member Admissions Consultant
    1992 karma

    Hi @harshsingh0054 . Former admissions officer here. From the admissions perspective, you would be treated as an international student because you received your undergraduate degree from an Indian institution. The admissions committee will receive an evaluation of your academic credentials and will consider them during the review process to determine your potential for success in law school. However, your application will not have a cumulative GPA calculated by LSAC like domestic applicants. Without a reportable GPA, the admissions committee may consider your LSAT history more carefully to evaluate your candidacy against other applicants in the applicant pool. It would help if you also endeavored to use other opportunities in the application to advocate for yourself as a candidate. Make sure you have a clear narrative that is persuasive and reflected in all your application materials, particularly your essays. Good luck!

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