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Words of wisdom needed- starting to panic

jsunshinejsunshine Monthly Member
in General 20 karma

Hi everyone! So, I take the lsat in 10 days. I have been studying for a whole year and my progress has been extremely slow. To give you some insight, I am one of those kinds of students that needs to put in 10x more energy and hard work, to just even the slightest bit of improvement. That being said, I have been scoring in the 155-157 range and I really, really wan to hit that 160 mark. Honestly, it is literally my dream and I feel stuck. I know some people say this improvement is not possible in ten days but I have also heard people tell me that it is possible. I guess the biggest issue in my scoring is inconsistency. Sometimes, I will have a good day and get about 6 wrong in LR or I can have a horrible day and get 10 wrong. For LG, I used to score so poorly, but I have somehow managed to raise it 15-17/23. I think this is where I have the shot of the most improvement. I still review RC but I think it is better for me not to spend the last 10 days leading up to the exam and focusing on RC, which is the hardest section to improve, I feel. According to my raw score, I need to get about 5 more questions to right to hit 160. If anyone has any ADVICE, please let me know. I really want to reach my goal. Thank you!!


  • grugthesluggrugtheslug Alum Member
    107 karma

    Hey homie, I'm taking my first LSAT with you. I think you know better than anyone that there is no magic ingredient, you just have to practice. Just believe it's possible. Pull 10 hours a day for the next week then take a break the day before the exam, it's better to be fresh than attempt to cram shit into your head and be more stressed.

    Goodluck, let's fucking get it

  • jsunshinejsunshine Monthly Member
    20 karma

    @grugtheslug thank you for this motivation bruh
    If I may ask, are you kind of in the same boat as me in terms of score improvement/goals? what has been working for you!

  • s2bsueees2bsueee Alum Member
    61 karma

    Hey! I’m in the same boat as you & I’m also writing the August LSAT. I’ve been stuck in the 156-158 range too. I’m going to just drill LG and LR for the next couple of days and hope for the best. For RC, I’m just getting my brain geared towards the dense content so I’ll like read a passage or 2 a day.


  • LawschoolhereIcomeLawschoolhereIcome Alum Member
    258 karma

    Work on timing for easier games as much as possible. Try to finish the first two games of a section in 12-14 minutes. Even on the harder games, it is possible to answer orientation and local diagram questions correctly. Practice games as much as you can, 10 days can be enough time to reach the 20-21/23 range. Best of luck!

  • lazarus7lazarus7 Alum Member
    207 karma

    Look at your analytics. Drill your 3-4 biggest question type problem areas in LR. Biggest single problem area in LG and RC as well. That will give you a good start and the best chance of making the biggest improvement in the shortest amount of time. Many times, a significant score jump doesn't come from one big breakthrough, but from getting rid of a smaller problem that we just happen to be repeating over and over again.

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