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August 2022 PT 140

Im taking the August LSAT 2022 on August 13. The best score Ive gotten so far is a 140. Ive been studying for over a year. Will the curve help much? I will have to apply to schools out of state with that score to see if they accept me. My GPA is good its a 3.8, but Im worried about my LSAT score being too low to get into FIU in Miami.


  • jer_3596jer_3596 Core Member
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    Is there any way you can delay your test? I assume you're not going to school until Fall '23?

  • KbrookssKbrookss Member
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    I would Change the date of your test till your pt reflect your goal score or close to it.

  • 67 karma

    The median LSAT score for 2020 at FIU was a 156. Whilst your GPA is likely to be in the top 20%, a 140 is not competitive. You are very unlikely to get in to FIU. There are schools that will accept a 140 LSAT but you really have to start asking yourself why those schools exist? Will they provide you with a quality education and decent job prospects or just take your money?

    If you've been studying for over a year and can only get a 140 then clearly the way in which you have been studying is not effective. Your GPA indicates that you know how to study and get good grades, so why waste that effort by applying to schools that accept 3.0 GPAs?

    As others have said, you should delay the test until you can consistently hit your target LSAT score, but more importantly, you need to seriously reevaluate how you are studying because right now it is not doing you any favors. You are currently scoring around the bottom 10% of test takers.

    Unless you can figure out how correct your study habits and see dramatic improvement in the next month or two (+15 improvement), I think you would be making a rash decision in applying this year for law school. A strong LSAT score can not only get you into better schools, but can also get you scholarship opportunities that will make law school much cheaper or free.

  • chiwala4dadchiwala4dad Member
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    Curve won't help much, I would advise postponing your exam

  • maco4538maco4538 Core Member
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    Two options:
    1) push back at least to November, and grind LG and LR.
    2) hail marry the August exam.

    you can seriously hit 0 on LG in a couple of months, which for a lot of people is a 7-10pt booster. Practice every game at least 3 times and level 4s and 5s at least 5 times. It will take about 150-200 hours (Crazy but worth it.)

    Ditch RC, it's a lost cause for the time frame.

    LR, I would say ditch level 4 and level 5 questions, which tend to be questions 17 and beyond and really focus on hitting those level s 1s, 2s and 3s without fail.

    I don't know your scores on each section but my advice is to get your LG score up. This is the most systematic section and easiest to master in a short amount of time. Dedicate 1-2 weeks, at least 50 hours per week, repeat games as many times as you can. By Test day you should at the very least have done every game 2 times over. It's a lot but I think its your best shot.

    If you can hit -5 or under on LG you can expect significant gains. If you must, just focus on 3/4 games.

    Don't even touch RC during your studying, probs the hardest section to improve. During timed RC, maybe narrow down to just 3 passages and ditch the forth?

    For LR, if you ever find yourself in the first pass of a stimulus confused af, just go ahead and flag the question. Its one thing to have trouble with finding the answer choice but it is a total time sink if you're stuck on the stimulus. Also skip lengthy questions like parallel method and parallel flaw. MC, AP, MoR, when labelled correctly tend to be the easiest questions. Ditch the last 5 questions, those tend to be levels 4s and 5s, and you probably won't get lucky on those. Maybe spend nearly all your time on questions 1-18 (like 30ish minutes) and speed run the last few.

    Finally, for questions that just seem impossible, when in doubt, just pick A.

  • colombianocolombiano Member
    edited August 2022 25 karma

    The comments above me ^ are everything! Listen to them, @AnjellaFluffy!

  • TokhajaanTokhajaan Member
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    I am in a similar situation. I am taking the September test and Scoring in low 150 and high 140s. Any suggestions guys?

  • WhatslsatWhatslsat Member
    edited August 2022 476 karma

    @Tokhajaan I agreed with the comments above

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