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PT'ing more vs Slowing Down

aamyyy08aamyyy08 Monthly + Live Member
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I was debating whether to keep up the pace with PT'ing or to slow down. I wanted to get through at least over half of all the available PTs before my test. However, I found myself struggling more as I moved up into the 70s. Based on your experience, do you think it's much better to slow down? I am finishing BR before the next scheduled PT, but I think I would get more out of it if I slow down. I would appreciate any advice! Is it possible to get a good score without going through many PTs?


  • 5Fennel LSAT5Fennel LSAT Alum Member
    192 karma

    If you believe you would get more out of your PTs if you slowed down, then you answered your own question. What would be the benefit of achieving what seems to be an arbitrary goal of completing more than half of all available PTs if you sacrifice some quality in your practice and review? If you are getting close to your test date, it could be a better use of time to selectively focus on certain recent PTs that are more representative of the current test. And in the scenario that you keep studying past September, it could be crucial to really slow down and thoroughly dissect and analyze your scarcer remaining PTs in order to maximize your potential.

  • Thy RainThy Rain Monthly Member
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    Agree with the above post!

  • WhatslsatWhatslsat Alum Member
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    agree with above post- and make sure to take a break for about a week or two right before the test!!

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8139 karma

    You don't need nearly as many PT's as most people think... IMO one a week + one to break apart for drilling is enough. Its more important to make sure you are extracting all the value out of the content, particularly in terms of how you reacted to it and how you can train to improve those reactions... the technical aspects of the content are learnable but your performance is what matters. Quality over quantity.

  • Glutton for the LSATGlutton for the LSAT Alum Member
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