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How to study?

ninaaaa15ninaaaa15 Core Member
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Hi everyone, I just started studying for the LSAT this week and plan to take the April 2023 LSAT. I was wondering what the best way to study is. Should I just go down the course list and learn every single tab, or is that a waste of my time and is there a more effective way to study? Also, when should I start taking prep tests? Because currently, I feel like I won't be ready to take a full-length prep test for at least like 2 more months. Please share your experience and how you started studying, and when you took your first prep tests.


  • Aastha SAastha S Member Administrator Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    Hey! How you should study varies drastically from person to person. The first thing I would recommend doing is taking a diagnostic test before you learn any material to see where you're at currently. From there, you can identify what your weak points are and use that to filter through the core curriculum to find the areas you need to focus on.

    If you're planning on taking the April exam, you can certainly wait a few months before you start taking PTs to really make sure you have a strong foundation! However, if you feel like you're able to, I would recommend trying to take one each month for the first couple months you're studying just so you can get a gauge of where you're at.

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    I hope to talk to you soon an I wish you the best of luck as you start studying!

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