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Scratch paper

TokhajaanTokhajaan Alum Member
in General 130 karma

are 5 scratch papers enough if we get 2 LG sections? I am afraid I won't have enough space. Any idea?


  • infinityandbeyond-1infinityandbeyond-1 Monthly Member
    84 karma

    Same here!!! I use tons of scratch paper and 5 is not enough.

  • If Glory then GutsIf Glory then Guts Alum Member
    175 karma

    Bring in 5 pages of A0 paper and you're set!

  • TokhajaanTokhajaan Alum Member
    130 karma

    is that allowed? What is the original size of the paper they ask?

  • paulyou77paulyou77 Monthly Member
    74 karma

    I also use a lot of scratch paper when I practice, but during the actual test, I just used like three pages somehow...

  • Scott MilamScott Milam Member Administrator Moderator Sage 7Sage Tutor
    1256 karma

    Two things I recommend:
    1) You can use legal size (8.5x14) paper on the test. That's a 25% increase in size!
    2) Use both sides of the paper and be organized! If you plan how you'll lay out each game and the questions, you shouldn't need more than 1 side of paper per game.

    Hope that helps!

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