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How Do Law Schools View Multiple LSAT Scores?

What would you say is the common attitude law schools have towards multiple lsat scores? Do they encourage retaking the exam if you are confident you can improve? Do they average the scores or only really consider the highest? Thank you.



  • paulpyrexpaulpyrex Monthly Member
    10 karma

    A good majority will simply look at the best, because performance really does vary the day of your exam so they will give you the benefit of the doubt that your best is representative of your aptitude.

    For any specific institution they usually have an FAQ for how they look at it on their website.

  • Manzana LocoManzana Loco Monthly Member
    53 karma

    They only consider the highest score, however if there is a big gap between your first and second score you should consider writing an addendum explaining that gap.

  • Selene SteelmanSelene Steelman Member Admissions Consultant
    1992 karma

    Former admissions officer here. The law school will use the highest LSAT score for ranking and reporting purposes. However, in evaluating a candidate's file, the committee will look at the entire LSAT history during the review process to assess your test taking skills and your overall candidacy. How many times did you take the test, how may cancels are on your record, when did you take the tests, how did your results change? If you have more than 3 attempts and/or significant changes to your results, it could be helpful to explain your circumstances to the admissions committee in a short and concise LSAT addendum. Check the application instructions to see when such an addendum is accepted or necessary. If you feel confident that you can definitely increase your performance on the LSAT, it might be worth it to retake. Small increases in scores can and do make a difference. Good luck!

  • HarimKimHarimKim Monthly Member
    edited August 2022 29 karma

    @"Selene Steelman" Can they see how many cancels or withdrawals you had and when you made them?

  • Selene SteelmanSelene Steelman Member Admissions Consultant
    1992 karma

    Hi @HarimKim. Your cancellations and dates will appear in your LSAT history. Your withdrawals will not appear in the LSAT history, and the law school will never know about them.

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