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Broke the 170 Barrier

maxcol95maxcol95 Monthly Member
in General 46 karma

My PT has gone from 156 to 161 to 168 and finally today I hit 171, I'm putting all my time and effort into studying for the October LSAT and hard work is paying off. Absolutely thrilled and this only serves as extra motivation to keep working hard.


  • u______uu______u Monthly Member
    217 karma

    Ayo big congrats fam. You're crushing it.

  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Monthly Member
    1943 karma

    Go crush it!

  • skmahal510-1-1skmahal510-1-1 Monthly + Live Member
    20 karma

    any tips?

  • maxcol95maxcol95 Monthly Member
    46 karma

    Honestly I've focused on LG, errors went from 8-10 to now 2-3, I feel like it's the only area of the LSAT that you can absolutely master regardless of what they throw at you. I was always decent on LR so my improvement there was less than LG from an average of 4-5 mistakes to now 2-3, RC is luck because if you happen to know or be familiar with the subject then you'll have a way easier time, only tip there is to hurry and don't take spend too much time looking for the right answer, go with your instinct. > @"skmahal510-1-1" said:

    any tips?

  • ChoocharooChoocharoo Alum Member
    58 karma


  • Icandoit-3Icandoit-3 Monthly + Live Member
    29 karma

    How long have you been studying for?

  • trevorNYCgoaltrevorNYCgoal Monthly Member
    234 karma

    Can I ask what your general study routine is? I take it you’ve completed the Core Curriculum and are now doing PT’s with blind review? How are you studying outside of taking PT’s or is that your main way of studying. Congrats on the awesome achievement, it’s what I hope to achieve soon!

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