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HELP! Taking my 5th LSAT this Oct, When can I take the 6th LSAT?

SJMartinSJMartin Core Member
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Hi guys. I already wasted my 4 chances of LSAT, with one score cancelled, before knowing 7sage and looking up to my 5th test this Oct but I have completed only 30% of the 7 sage curriculum and feels unprepared. Because all my previous scores are way below my goal score so upcoming tests are the watershed for me.
I'm thinking about cancelling the Oct LSAT but before that I wanted to make sure. My question is, if I took my first LSAT in June 2021 and 4th LSAT in January 2022, when can I take my 6th LSAT after taking 5th in October 2022? Is it 2027?
Also, if I decide to take my 5th LSAT later such as June 2023, am I not eligible to take LSAT until 2028?

It's really frustrating to accept the bad choices I made but I am really eager to get into a Law school and overcome this situation. Can anyone give me answers? Thank you in advance and hope you guys have good luck in your LSAT journey.


  • You can always shoot LSAC an email to get an exact answer, but based on the website it seems to be the case that you could book a 6th LSAT once your June 2021 LSAT falls outside of the "current and five past testing years". I'm not sure if that means 5 or 6 years in total but even being generous that would still be June 2026.

    If you are already contemplating when you can book a 6th test, that may be a good indicator that you are not ready for your upcoming October LSAT. You should not be taking the LSAT until you are consistently scoring your desired score on practice tests. While the eagerness to get into law school is understandable, it seems like you will only make the situation worse if you do poorly in October because then you will have to wait 5-6 years to take the test again.

    I think your best bet would be to postpone the test until you are ready. Do all of the 7sage curriculum and practice one question at a time. Take time understanding why you got a question wrong and how to prevent making that same mistake in future. LSAT and law school in general are a marathon, not a sprint.

    Ultimately, I think it is wiser to wait a year to apply to schools with an LSAT score you are proud of instead of praying that October works out and risking having to wait half a decade before you can take the test again.

    I am sorry you've been struggling with the LSAT (you are not alone) and hope that 7sage can help you achieve your desired score.

  • clear227clear227 Core Member
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    If you aren't prepared, don't take it. Are you really going to postpone law school for five years just to retake the LSAT? Spare yourself the turmoil, and plan for this test to be your last.

    You could email LSAC and ask for another take if something unusual happened during the test you cancelled. They might allow you the sixth take, but why risk it? If you aren't scoring at least 2 points higher than your target score this time, wait until you are!

  • SJMartinSJMartin Core Member
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    Thank you all for your advice. I'll email LSAC to make clear when I can take the 6th LSAT, but I guess it would be better for me to cancel this Oct test.
    Hope you guys have good luck, meet the target score, and go to the dream schools.
    Have a good one. :D

  • baparacha-1baparacha-1 Member
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    Also you don't need to cancel your test, you can defer it to another test date if you are not feeling prepared enough. Many people who I am studying with or have bee talking to in regards to their law school journey have been doing this. Don't rush, you've done it 4 times already just make sure the 5th one you are confident you will get the score you want.

    Here is the link to LSAT Test Date Change policy:

    • Bazgha
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