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October 2022 LSAT time schedule?

Hi, I will be taking my very first LSAT in October.
I am trying to adjust my PT schedule to the actual test time, but I cannot find the exact time of the exam.
Does anybody know how the time slots are going to be like on ProctorU? Is it going to be in the morning/afternoon?
Thank you!


  • ClaudioD21ClaudioD21 Alum Member
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    I believe once we can choose the time on ProctorU, the times range from 7 am through 8 or 9 pm EST roughly. I would recommend choosing a time ASAP. I waited till the end last time to choose a time and the only options available were 7 am. For context, I usually start PTs at 2 pm so yeah. Can definitely affect performance.

  • baparacha-1baparacha-1 Alum Member
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    So what happens is that about 2 weeks prior to the exam test date they will send out a link for you to sign up for a time slot that ranges from 8am - 8 pm every 15 minutes. It can be either a Friday or a Saturday, and you can choose the timing. General recommendation though is to take it at a relatively relaxed time, around 12-1 pm I found was ideal (I took the exam twice and had to reschedule one of them due to a technical issue). I am not a mornings person, and though you can take it early in the morning similar to how other standardized test are (I did this with my first test) I would not advise it. Perhaps, because I was not a morning person, what ended up happening was that I did not get enough sleep panicking that I would not wake up (even though I regularly woke up before that time for work). Also, even if you are a morning person I would recommend giving yourself enough time that you can have breakfast, relax your body, and maybe do a few easy practice problems to not over think things. Just because all those things are very important in making sure you go into the test with a good mindset. You also do not want to do it too late, because there is a tendency to overthink things and to try to put in those few more hours of PT's or studying that won't really help since they'd put you in an exhausted state prior to the test which you will need a lot of stamina for.

  • infinityandbeyond-1infinityandbeyond-1 Monthly Member
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    Thank you so much for the detailed answer @baparacha-1 @ClaudioD21.

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