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ProctorU question

smoothbrainsmoothbrain Alum Member
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Hi everyone, Im taking my first LSAT in October and I'm wondering how people have been prepping to take the test with the proctor. I PT pretty high but I'm concerned that the extra stress of navigating a new system is gonna freak me out and kill my score a bit. Any suggestions on where/how to simulate test day conditions?

Also, anyone who has already taking a real LSAT using ProctorU, are there any things/glitches I should look out for or be prepared for? I'm hoping to avoid as many surprises as possible lol


  • Pallene33Pallene33 Alum Member
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    Hi! One thing you can do to simulate proctoring experience is PTing with your FaceTime/ Zoom camera on. If there is someone who is willing to act as a “proctor” for you, that would be helpful.

    Going into test day, really read the candidate agreement and see what is allowed and what is not allowed. I made a little checklist for myself the day before test day to make sure I have everything squared away.

    I would also say have the ProctorU tech line number handy incase you have trouble getting set up in the beginning. Also, just know that if something really distractive happens with ProctorU, you have the option to report it to LSAC and to request to take a make up test depending on the circumstance.

    Most importantly, even if there is a delay in getting started, know that it is part of the process and don’t get too anxious about it. Best of luck!

  • baparacha-1baparacha-1 Alum Member
    edited September 2022 113 karma

    So I have taken the test with proctor-U and have had various experiences. I took the LSAT twice so far, and had to reschedule once due to technical issues. So I have had it once where everything went great and it was even better then having an in person proctor. However, I have also had a really bad experience where I was being bounces from proctor to proctor and was eventually told different things about my equipment by each one (in regard on whether or not I could take the test or not). However, I was able to retake (free of charge) due to that experience. Then again at one point during my retake the proctor accidently unmute themselves so I could hear them talking while in the middle of LG. They fixed the issue when I contacted them but like it took time away for them to put me back into the test after I contacted them seeing that the time was still running. So I guess to sum it up, when it comes down to it the human aspect of Proctor U is the most problematic, but since you can't control that part I would not stress too much about it.

    Other notes:
    It is a little weird though because at one point they do take control over your mouse to ensure you have nothing running in the background that is not supposed to be there. That being said they ask your permission to do so prior to doing it, so it is not out of no where.

    I do want to stress doing an equipment check prior, preferably the night before test day, it really helps. They also have 24 hour tech-help which you can reach out to, so it helps assure you doing in that you won't have any technical issues, or things of that nature.

    Also do not do it on a desktop monitor unless you have a moveable camera. They ask you to do a tour of your room up and down and for that reason the device your using and/or the camera your using needs to be able to move around the room as your doing it. Also, you need to adjust your camera to a certain angle before the start of the exam so they can see both you and the key board. Also, bring a mirror or phone with you into the room you are testing in. This is because they are going to use it to check that you have nothing that could aid your performance in relevant to others on your keyboard area of the laptop or device. Also with the phone, I found it really helpful to have near by because I was able to contact LSAC with it when I was experiencing issues with the Proctor-U proctors (they have special test day numbers and are on call during that period in case you have any issues). Because phones can be useful they are not forbidden in the room however during the test they do need to be placed in a position of the room that you can not easily reach. So keep that n mind if you are to bring a phone in.

    I tries to point out as much as I remember and I hope this convers some of the things you may be worrying about. If you have any other specific questions, just message me through 7Sage and I'll try and answer them for you.


  • smoothbrainsmoothbrain Alum Member
    128 karma

    Thank you both for these replies!! This is such helpful advice, I'm feeling a lot better about all of this hahaha

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