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Viability of Attacking Hard LR q's first

benjoffe6benjoffe6 Yearly Member
edited September 2022 in Logical Reasoning 42 karma

Would it be a good idea to attack questions 15 and up first in a section, then go back to 1-14 after? Burnout is real for me as I work through the section so this method might help. Thoughts?

I had a look at this to see at what point harder questions might start showing up


  • LSAT_AthleteLSAT_Athlete Monthly Member
    322 karma

    I don't think that it would be. It goes against everything JY teaches us here. If all questions are worth the same, why not do the easy questions first?

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    8139 karma

    Efficiency is a balance of speed and accuracy—you want to collect as many points as you can as fast as you can. You can neither get questions wrong fast enough, nor get them correct slow enough to achieve a good score. In other words you want the easy points first, then come back for the harder ones. See also

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