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Running thread of how to conquer RC: 1 tip per post/Bold your tip at the very top

Preston BigleyPreston Bigley Monthly Member
in General 254 karma

Curious to see the best RC tips out there!
Bold your tip at the very top.
Also, let’s shoot for short explanations!

Stick to one tip per post, if you have multiple tips, create multiple posts!


  • Preston BigleyPreston Bigley Monthly Member
    edited September 24 254 karma

    Get Good @ Grammar

    Do not assume that you have a fundamental understanding of grammar! For me, I came to realize: my inability to consistently parse out convoluted language came from a lack of understanding of some basic grammatical concepts.

  • Preston BigleyPreston Bigley Monthly Member
    edited September 24 254 karma

    Be patient

    This is the hardest truth of RC improvement. It requires an immense amount of patience relative to the time it takes to improve on the other two sections.

  • Preston BigleyPreston Bigley Monthly Member
    254 karma

    Ask yourself: Are you a good reader?

    Business 101: To solve a problem, you must first identify the problem. Once I realized that I am not the strongest reader is when the improvements started to flood in. I started to look at reading as a skill that takes practice. I have made a tremendous amount of improvement in my reading ability since my revelation, which has led to improvement in RC. But I still have much room for improvement!

  • Steven_B-1Steven_B-1 Monthly Member
    743 karma

    Focus on the Big picture

    I used to get bogged down trying to memorize every single detail and lost sight of the main point and the purpose of the passage.

  • yeetyyasyeetyyas Monthly Member
    9 karma

    Focus on the Why

    Think about how what the author is saying contributes to the overall purpose of the passage. I try to reflect on this after every paragraph or so.

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