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In serious need of study buddies/groups...

tia.littlefoottia.littlefoot Live Member
edited September 2022 in Study Groups 17 karma

Hi all,

I'm normally not one to reach out for help and put myself out there like this, but I think I need to for this kind of test. Originally, I thought I was going to set a schedule and get through this course and take the test all on my own, but life happens. I've been on and off trying to get through this course, and I've been working full time for almost a year trying to study at the same time. It's been challenging trying to stay on track, and I don't want to put off this test any longer. To be honest, I worry about the pace I'm going at and get nervous about taking PTs. I'm not sure how to tell how I'm doing or keep track of my improvements.

I'm looking for anyone who would be willing to have study sessions together and meet online to talk about lessons or share any tips on how you measure your improvements as you go along your studying. Since I work full time, I would only be able to meet after 5pm PT on weekdays and we can work something out on the weekends.

I feel like I am not using 7sage to its full potential, so I'm also trying to send out some Study Buddy invites! I'm not sure how this works, but please let me know if you're interested and I hope we can study together and tackle this LSAT!!


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