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gcarter8505gcarter8505 Alum Member

I don't want to sit here and brag, so the numbers are just going in here for references for anyone viewing.
My first LSAT (Before doing this): 155
My September LSAT (After using this service for about 3 months): 174

I wanted to thank 7Sage for helping this improvement happen. It's huge, and this is a service I will always recommend because without it, on my own, studying would have been impossible for me. So, thank you for the help! And thank the discussion posts that made a great community!!


  • wjamanda117wjamanda117 Monthly Member
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    hey! huge congrats!!! would you like to share some specifics of your study plan? and how you used the 7sage website?

  • Steven_B-1Steven_B-1 Monthly Member
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  • Matt SorrMatt Sorr Alum Member
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    Amazing progress in just a few months! Best of luck this cycle.

  • gcarter8505gcarter8505 Alum Member
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    @wjamanda117 said:
    hey! huge congrats!!! would you like to share some specifics of your study plan? and how you used the 7sage website?

    Yeah, mate! So, my study plan was pretty severe. I watched the videos for about 30-40 hours a week. While watching I would just pay full attention (I learn best through audio, so I didn't really write too much down, so if you learn better by writing, I suggest doing that instead). I would go through every question, and answer them before the video on sections that had that. I didn't worry about timing quite yet.

    Once finished with all video sections, I started taking the PTs, but I would do it in parts around my schedule, because I couldn't put 3 hours in at a time. This made sure I understood the questions, and was able to give my brain a break before going in again so I could understand it. About 2 weeks out from test day I began taking the tests all at once, one sitting, same timing aspects and everything. This gave me the stamina needed.

    I'd take about 2-3 tests per week to ensure I was getting material without hurting my attention span too much, lol.

    Whenever doing anything with questions, I flagged those I wasn't 100% sure on (both that this is correct and that the others are incorrect) to save some time on BR rather than go through every single question again.

    The day before the test I set some time aside to take a full test at the same time with the same desk setup as I would during the test.

    The biggest thing I think that helped me was having people around me that would sit and listen to me while I talked about the different aspects of the test, and how things worked. Having my wife who I could sit around and talk to about Lawgic. It becomes something completely different when you surround yourself with material as much as possible. I treated it like learning a language where I would focus on it as much as possible. If you're struggling with a question type, I'd suggest going through the videos again because that's the best way to do it IMO. Don't let one bad PT ruin you, because one bad PT doesn't mean anything, except that you had a hard day, drink water and try again in a few days.

    One other thing I forgot to mention, my 155 was a real test I took before starting the 7sage program. I had studied on my own before then, but not nearly as seriously.

    Also, if you don't have the 30-40 hours a week to put into studying, take it slower. Taking that much time was hard for me with summer classes, work, life, and then tacking this on, but I was able to make it work. If you need to take it at a lower rate, do it, because the burn out can be worse for you than taking a later test date. To me the most important thing was learning it, and then talking about it with my wife. Her and I are in a great relationship, but we do argue, and I would find myself parsing her argument as if it was a LR question, lol!

    In any case, I hope this helps, and wish everyone luck! Thank you all for the help, and great words!

  • wjamanda117wjamanda117 Monthly Member
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    @gcarter8505 Thank you for sharing! Haha talking about Lawgic with others indeed sounds like a good plan:)

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