145-171 and going for more

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I love seeing the thank you 7sage posts so I thought i'd stop by and also extends my gratitude to 7sage and this community.

I believe its also important to movitate each other and to show that hard work can pay off. It's taken me about 9 months to reach this point and hope to motivate others to believe in themselves and work hard to achieve your goal.

I definitely wouldn't have made it this far without 7sage and without the support of the community so thank you!

Taking one more shot at it in November, let's goooo!!


  • mdelsozmdelsoz Monthly Member
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    Congratulations! I have been seeing your comments throughout my studies and many of the questions and challenges you had resonated with me. I am so happy to see this for you and feel like I can do it too. Thank you for your post and all the best to you!!

  • Steven_B-1Steven_B-1 Monthly Member
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    Thank you @mdelsoz ! You can definitely do it, best of luck to you!

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    Hi Steven, I was wondering if you could share some tips on how you are managing law school applications and studying for the LSAT? I am also taking the November LSAT but am worried that juggling both apps and studying at the same time will be overwhelming. I work full time and it has been hard to find the motivation to study consistently lately.

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    Best of luck! I'm sure you're capable if you put your mind to it.

  • Steven_B-1Steven_B-1 Monthly Member
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    @"Matt Sorr" Thanks bud.

    @dzxu88 It is tough for me as well. I also work full time so I've just tried to finsih up certain components on my free time and requested my LORs.

    What I do is work on my statements once im all out of LSAT steam or on days where i just don't have the mental space to study. So i juggle both things by alteranating between them. Remember that studying doens't always have to be something rigid like a full 1-hour session.

    As soon as i have some down time at work, I'll do a few LR questions or 1 LG or run through 1 RC passage. Just anything to keep your mind sharp works. Try to be flexible and try to study during downtime at work because after work, your mind is just too exhausted.

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    Congrats Steven!

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