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PT Score Drop before Oct LSAT/mental strategies

bettinaclbettinacl Alum Member
in General 36 karma

Hi everyone! After hitting 170-176 on a few PTs, I saw my scores drop back down to high-mid 160s. Last Saturday, I got 5 and 6 wrong on LR when I usually only get 1-3 wrong! A lot of the questions I missed were 1-2 star questions I usually never miss. I have a feeling I'm getting too much in my own head, and I was wondering if anyone has advice on how to deal with this. I am taking the October LSAT and I'm trying really hard not to freak out!


  • sarcarrsarcarr Alum Member
    2 karma

    Drill instead of PT. PTs are burning you out. Drilling will keep you thinking the right way about questions and allow you to practice more without the drain of an entire PT.

  • cole.saltoncole.salton Monthly + Live Member
    4 karma

    Also had a similar scenario a few weeks ago. Had been taking tests twice a week, so I decided to give my self a full week break. It felt wrong but I got my score back a little higher. Going to take two again this week but then just drill between this friday and next friday.

  • woodpusherjbwoodpusherjb Alum Member
    72 karma

    I totally agree with @sarcarr, when this has happened to me, I spend one day just drilling the easy ones, making sure I'm fully confident in my answers and watching videos if I have even the slightest bit of doubt. You're capable, you got this

  • nicholas.considinenicholas.considine Monthly Member
    13 karma

    Same thing just happened to me and I'm also taking the october LSAT. I'm currently taking a few full days off to mentally reset a little!

  • bettinaclbettinacl Alum Member
    36 karma

    Thank you all for the advice! I'm someone who really likes to have data points, so it makes me nervous when I don't take PTs, but I'll try focusing on drilling sections

  • smoothbrainsmoothbrain Alum Member
    128 karma

    To me this sounds like more just the psychological side of taking the LSAT - as the day gets closer you're bound to become more stressed and miss questions you ordinarily would get right. I'd recommend making sure to just work on the mental side of the test. So like, daily yoga or meditation, eating well, journaling or reading light material before bed, sleeping early and for at least 8 hours. Things like this can really really help alleviate all the extra stress you may be feeling. I wouldn't change your study habits this close to the date (I'm like you and the thought of not taking PTs stresses me out even more tbh). You're going to kill it, best of luck :)

  • ProfLaytonProfLayton Alum Member
    110 karma

    Take one day to just let out all of your stress. Go have fun, be absolutely not productive, and forget about the LSAT

    We tend to push ourselves so hard that some of us collapse towards the finish line. I do not want that to happen to you. Make sure you are staying healthy and not revolving your life around the LSAT.

    The day or two you spend not looking at anything will let you absorb stuff and give your brain a much needed break. If you insist on studying, I've found just doing a problem set or two helps keep my brain fresh without feeling overwhelmed

  • harveyeli549harveyeli549 Free Trial Member
    5 karma

    @bettinacl krunker said:
    Thank you all for the advice! I'm someone who really likes to have data points, so it makes me nervous when I don't take PTs, but I'll try focusing on drilling sections


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