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weird PT78

slxyzvvv-1slxyzvvv-1 Alum Member
in General 120 karma

I haven't heard anybody talking abt this, but I recently finished pt78 and found several questions in this pt to be kind of atypical of lsat questions. They seem to rely more heavily on you making some assumptions abt unstated things, sometimes to an extent I would usually consider very risky to do in LSAT tests. Does anybody feel that? Have you ever encountered a particular PT that runs counter to your experiences with LSAT?


  • arlenexzyarlenexzy Alum Member
    24 karma

    Same here. I remember pt78 has a lot of 5 star questions.

  • Determined_-1Determined_-1 Member
    919 karma

    Is there a particular LR section you are referring to?

  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Monthly + Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
    27590 karma

    There is a new style of "weird" question that got introduced right about this time. To me, they feel sort of like the correct answer doesn't directly answer the question. Instead, the answers will imply something from which an inference can be made, and that inference is the "real" answer. There's steps to it almost. These don't really go away, so study them closely to develop your procedures for how to confront! I missed a question like what you're talking about a couple days ago. Had to write up a wrong answer report, which doesn't happen to me much these days. It was such an interesting question to unpack and when I got to the bottom of it, it was one of those where you almost just want to start a slow clap for the test writers.

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