165 Untimed

Tasha SriTasha Sri Alum Member
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I did the LSAT untimed to see whats my problem, and my problem is timing. How do I improve timing


  • maco4538maco4538 Monthly Member
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    for questions you got wrong, obviously study those.
    for questions you got right but were 20 seconds over the avg time then study those

  • Tasha SriTasha Sri Alum Member
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    Thank you!

  • ConstantineConstantine Alum Member
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    165 untimed is not a good score
    if your target score is 160+. You must get 172+ untimed if you want 165 timed

  • treyrg25treyrg25 Alum Member
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    @Constantine I think comments like this go too far. It's great that you're trying to help, but there's no need to tell someone that their score is not good.

    It might be true that an untimed 165 is unlikely to lead to OP's goal score when timed, but this doesn't mean that it's not a good score, especially when we know that "good" and "bad" often shift in meaning depending on the test-taker.

  • ConstantineConstantine Alum Member
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    You misread and misinterpreted my message

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