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January 2023 Study/Accountability Partner!

iolaw-12iolaw-12 Live Member
in Study Groups 105 karma

Hi! I'm taking the January LSAT and I'm looking for a study buddy/accountability partner. It's fine if you're not taking the Jan LSAT, but probably easier if you are. I'm looking for someone who is also aiming for the mid/upper-170s and I want to be able to actually meet and talk over questions/PTs and hold each other accountable between meetings. Right now my strengths are LR and RC and my weakness is LG. If you're the same or the complete opposite either probably works! Message me or comment below if you're interested!


    16 karma

    hey hey would be super interested! also pt-ing in the 170s and hope to retake in Jan

  • lawschool55lawschool55 Member
    27 karma

    interested! weakness rc strength lg lr

  • lizahoward79lizahoward79 Free Trial Member
    7 karma

    Hi, I’m interested!

  • qjiayi26-1-1-1-1qjiayi26-1-1-1-1 Core Member
    43 karma

    Hi, I am very interested! LG is my strongest section. I seldom get wrong answers in this section. LR and RC are tough for me, especially RC. I am also planning to take Jan 2023 LSAT.

  • JooxoxoxoJooxoxoxo Alum Member
    70 karma

    Hi, I'm interested! I'm PTing in 170s and registered for the Jan LSAT

  • m.cornacchia4m.cornacchia4 Member
    12 karma

    Hey I'd also be interested!

  • Aastha SAastha S Member Administrator Sage 7Sage Tutor
    401 karma

    Hey! One really great way to meet other people studying for the test is through the study group break out session that we host right here at 7Sage! Our next one is this upcoming Tuesday at 9pm EST. We will pair you with other people scoring in the same range as you so you can hold each other accountable through your LSAT journeys! If you're interested, you can register here:

  • valentina.soares-1valentina.soares-1 Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
    188 karma

    Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know that we have another one of these Study Group Break Out sessions coming up! If you're still looking for people to study with for the January LSAT, this is a great place to start.

    It will be on Monday, December 5th from 9:00-10:30pm ET. We put you in groups with other people scoring in the same range as you so you can all work together to prepare for test day early next year!

    Here's what you need to do if you're interested:
    1. Register for the Breakout no later than Sunday, December 4th.
    2. Take PT53 Section 1 (based on 7Sage's numbering - should be an LR section) and blind review it, but DON'T look at the answers (I suggest you take it as a "Drill" rather than as a PrepTest)!
    3. Log in to the Breakout Session at the appointed time. We will automatically place you in a group of 3-5 students with similar scores so you can review the section together.
    4. At the end of the session, you can exchange emails and keep meeting if you enjoyed the group.

    Hope to see you there! Register for the event using this link:

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