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Personal statement

Is there a way I can just purchase a session with an admissions person on 7Sage to edit/talk about my personal statement? Help, thank you!


  • belluhhhbelluhhh Member
    19 karma

    You can do it on the admissions page! They have an option just for this where you purchase for an hour.

  • Juliet - Student ServiceJuliet - Student Service Member Administrator Student Services
    5582 karma

    @CiaraUCLA Yes, if you purchase Unlimited Editing for one essay, you can request to be paired with a former admissions consultant.

    You can also purchase our time by the hour and you can use your time for anything related to your law school applications: advice over the phone, advice over email, editing, etc. You don't have to use your time all at once. You’ll find more information about our hourly services and a link to purchase them here.

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