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How Many LSATS can you take in a year?

bpowell4bpowell4 Monthly Member
in General 26 karma

Dear 7SAGE-ers,

I have been preparing for my LSAT for quite a few months now, am doing well on practice exams, but have a fair bit of variability between my scores. I have scored as high as 177 and as low as 163 on recent practice tests. As a result, I want to take the LSAT multiple times.

I have heard you can take three LSATs a testing year (from August-June) does that mean I could take the LSAT 3 times before that, and still take additional exams AFTER the June LSAT?



  • trevorNYCgoaltrevorNYCgoal Monthly Member
    234 karma

    You can take the LSAT five times in a calendar year, and seven times during your entire testing lifetime. There are very specific circumstances where you may be granted an additional test (you can find those examples in forums), but generally the rule is five times in a year and seven times total. Hope this helps!

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