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should I send in apps?

classy valclassy val Monthly Member

I'm taking the January LSAT next week and don't know if I should still submit my apps before my score comes back. my PS is done, LOR are in, everything except the LSAT will be done. Is it bad to send in the apps if my score hasn't been posted? it seems like they won't even read it unless everything is there, but if I submit will my apps at least be "in line" to be read once the scores are released??


  • aydinjkarasapanaydinjkarasapan Alum Member
    edited January 5 109 karma

    I had to make the same choice this past December and its hard to find clear answers. Consensus as I gathered it seemed to be that it was best to send applications ASAP, even before you do your LSAT. Makes sense to me as admin staff will see you submitted it earlier and I believe have access to info like your personal statement and application form, but your CAS report, including your transcripts (and LSAT score obviously) will not be released to the Law school until your LSAT score is released.

    However, I kind of regret sending out applications early now as I have improved my Personal statement and Resume since. If you feel confident about your application material being final, then I'd say apply. Otherwise I don't think it makes a big difference if you apply now or after your LSAT score is released so I'd take the time to perfect my PS and any other docs.

  • whatlikeitshardwhatlikeitshard Monthly Member
    185 karma

    I essentially have to make the same decision. I'm taking the Feb LSAT (took it in Nov but trying to increase some more). I also heard that it's better to send in your app ASAP and you can send an email to them saying that you're taking another test so please consider the score of this other test. They see that you're signed up for another test but I don't think sending them an email would hurt, just makes it really clear for them. I'm trying to get my apps in asap, just finalizing my PS!

  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
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    If this is your first take, your apps won't go complete without a score.

  • Selene SteelmanSelene Steelman Free Trial Member Admissions Consultant
    2025 karma

    Former admissions officer here. If you feel that your application materials are complete AND you definitely want to apply with the pending score result, you may be better off submitting your incomplete application now. While your file will not be considered "Complete" and ready for review, it will nevertheless be processed and ready to go the day the results are available. If you wait until the score is released to submit, your application will be in line to be processed from the date of the score release with however many hundreds of other applications from applicants who decided to wait until that date as well. So while you won't get the benefit of the early date stamp on your application since it is incomplete, you may get an administrative benefit of getting your submitted materials organized on an earlier date. Good luck!

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