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Are there September/ October/ tests this year?

lsat_aa246lsat_aa246 Monthly + Live Member
in General 5 karma

Hey guys. I was wondering why I couldn't sign up for any exams after June 9th. Is it because they just haven't posted those yet? Or will there even be tests during then? I know there were last year. I graduate undergrad this year and hope to be able to apply for early decision by November 1st for law school so I can attend next year 2024, otherwise i'll have to wait until 2025. The cycle is so annoying. If there are going to be Sep/Oct tests this year my life would be so much easier. I already plan to take the June exam but would like a backup date if I dont like my score.


  • trevorNYCgoaltrevorNYCgoal Monthly Member
    234 karma

    Yes there are. The cycle stays the same each year unless otherwise noted by LSAC (ahead of time traditionally). You can’t sign up too far ahead in advance. I’m not sure what the actual parameters are for when you can sign up, but you’ll be able to eventually.

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