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Problem Sets and wanting a 175+

elle.woods-1elle.woods-1 Monthly Member
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I would like to score a 175+ on this test, and I have read numerous answers about how to approach the problem sets. If I want that high score of a score, should I do each and every problem set? I don't want to run out of fresh questions, but also, I know I won't remember all of them if I do. I am around week 2, so I would love to hear advice from others who are further in the curriculum.

Thank you for your help.


  • trevorNYCgoaltrevorNYCgoal Monthly Member
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    J.Y. has said before (on a Podcast I believe) that you don't have to do all the problem sets in the core curriculum and that including all of them is a means of testing your abilities with certain question types. They're meant as reinforcers. If you feel good about a certain question type and haven't done all the drills, great. If you're not feeling confident, that's what the drills are for. Keep in mind that the drills in the core curriculum progress from easiest to most difficult. Practice set 1 will be far easier than practice set 10 and so on.

    As for the second part, I'm not too sure the direction you mean when you say "remember all of them." The best way to utilize questions is to evaluate what you did well on them and what you did to lead you to an incorrect answer. You can find posts on how to use a "Wrong Answer Journal." The WAJ allows you to document what went right, what went wrong, how to change that in the future and so on. So I would advise less about remembering questions but rather the procedural steps that contribute to each question type and then finally what you can do for improvement. I hope that helps!

  • ryan.lattavoryan.lattavo Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    I'd definitely avoid going through each and every problem set, especially before your first real exam. First, an effective use of each problem set will mean that it should take you a long time to go through all of them. Second, imagine you take your first exam and don't hit your goal score, but you've gone through every problem set possible! You wouldn't really have a way to gauge what section you're still weak in and need more help with.

    Go through the Core Curriculum at a pace that is right for you, but also don't worry about finishing all the problem sets. Do 1 or 2 of each type, while also effectively processing each question--that means blind reviewing and watching the video to see where you went wrong. Once you feel relatively comfortable with a problem type, I'd move on to the next. The Core Curriculum is all about introducing concepts to you; you're going to get the most practice through PTs, so don't expend the Core Curriculum doing something you're already set to do after you finish it.

    In general though, there is no science as to when you should do specific problems and for how long. It is a very personal decision! If you wanted more help deciding where to go next and after the Core Curriculum, you should schedule a free consult with one of our tutors:

    Any one of us would love to discuss this further with you!


    Ryan Lattavo

  • Benjamin_Benjamin_ Free Trial Member
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    It turned out not to be an easy task. Thanks for the useful information.

  • elle.woods-1elle.woods-1 Monthly Member
    edited January 31 12 karma

    Thank you everyone for all the advice! This helped me immensely!

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