Need help connecting with student or alumnus for a few schools - Writing Why X essays

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If you could help me to connect with student or alumnus (or you are a student or alum) for the following schools that would be great! I just have a few simple questions that should only take 15 minutes to ask. I have connections for many schools I am applying to, but I have absolutely no connections with a few.
Priority: USC, UC Davis, U San Diego, U Colorado, Texas, U Oregon, Pepperdine, Boston College.
Less priority but still urgently looking for student/alumnus: George Washington, WUSTL, NYU, U Michigan, UVA, Northwestern.

I am a super splitter- that's why I am applying to so many. Thanks for reading and TIA for any assistance!


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    Northwestern here. DM me and I'd be happy to schedule a time to speak with you.

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    I'd just start messaging people on linkedin. That way you can target people involved in things you'd like to write about.

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