advice needed - lsat and application cycle

My most recent lsat score from the October test was a 158. I am trying to get into a top 50 law school and am considering taking the April lsat to offset a waitlist that I received and to boost my odds for other schools. I'm not sure how much of a jump I'll be able to do in that time though as I work full time. Should I wait and take a later test in the summer or August to have more time to study to try to improve and then apply immediately at the beginning of next cycle? Or should I wait to hear back from all of the schools that I have applied to and go from there? I was waitlisted from my first choice. I might swap from a full time job with normal 830-5pm hours to one that is 5am-noon in order to make a better study schedule. Any advice would help!

Thank you.


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    Let your scoring call your timeline... start studying now and as the test dates get closer you can determine whether you are ready or not.

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