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Why “X” School Statement

Any advice as to what they actually want to read? The prompt says “we know the details of our faculty, programs, and community.”


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
    edited January 23 8139 karma

    Why should they not consider you a yield risk? They don't need to be educated about their school, but you can tell them what about it makes it the place for you... or what about you allows them to be confident that if offered admission you will attend. I edit essays and SO many applicants just list multiple versions of "you have x program that does y." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I'm sure they're tired of it. Don't tell... show. What about you... your interests, goals, and experiences that makes that program/clinic/professor/area so compelling? If you don't think you can write a whyX that at least sounds genuine, it's probably best not to write one.

  • Selene SteelmanSelene Steelman Free Trial Member Admissions Consultant
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    Former admissions officer here. In addition to the great advice offered by @canihazJD, you can explain why this particular school, its programming, its clinics, courses, and location can help you achieve YOUR specific professional goals. "I am looking for X. You offer X....I want to get experience doing Y. Your Y clinic will help me develop my skills. I am looking for an environment where I can do Z. Your location in this legal market will allow me to access Z during my legal studies and build my professional network." Reach out to any current students or alums in your network and incorporate relevant information in your essay to show the adcom that you went out of your way to learn more about the school. The Why X essay should try to convince the adcom that their particular school stands out from any other law school to which you may be applying. Good luck!

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