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159 diagnostic -> 172 on the real deal

aydinjkarasapanaydinjkarasapan Alum Member
edited February 1 in General 109 karma

Feeling grateful for this fantastic resource. Blind review, wrong answer journal, drill old question sets until you get them perfect in under time. These aren't just buzzwords and sayings--they won the day for me. Phew--feeling relief. Time for donuts and big chilling time.

(technically got a 164 on the diagnostic but I had already done the LG section on that PT and blind reviewed it on another platform, my next test where I went in fully blind was a 159)


  • trevorNYCgoaltrevorNYCgoal Monthly Member
    234 karma

    Congrats on the score! When you say drill old question sets, are you talking about any type of question set (LG, LR, RC)? Or was there a particular type that worked best?

  • aydinjkarasapanaydinjkarasapan Alum Member
    109 karma

    @"trevor.n89645-1" I mean question sets you have already done in the past. Drilling new material I found to be less productive if I did not drill and redrill old question sets. I would do a drill (for any section), then the next day redo it (and so on until I got perfect). Then wait a week and redo it again with slightly less time, and repeat until I could get it perfect in less time than regular.

    The errors you make redoing a drill can be really telling as to your most ingrained bad habits in approaching/solving for questions. Thats where the wrong answer journal comes in handy, What error did I make which led me to get the q wrong -> What could I have done differently such that I would not have made that error -> What can I do differently when I approach questions like this in the future to avoid that error.

  • Melr1234-1Melr1234-1 Monthly Member
    66 karma

    can you explain how you made a wrong answer journal

  • Paula --Student Service--Paula --Student Service-- Member Administrator Student Services
    640 karma

    Congratulations on your score, @aydinjkarasapan ! We're happy to be part of your LSAT journey!

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