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Best way to study

asalerno4-1-1asalerno4-1-1 Core Member
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What is the best way to study with the core curriculum? Should I be studying RC, LR, and LG every week or should I be focusing on getting better at each section slowly.


  • Cant Get RightCant Get Right Live Member Sage 🍌 7Sage Tutor
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    The CC is designed to be worked in order, so do the lessons in the order presented.

    Beyond the ordering of the lessons though, there are better and worse ways to go through it. You are going to come across some things that are really easy and intuitive for you. That's great! Those things should be fairly easy to master and you should be able to progress through them quickly. Other things will be really difficult and challenging for you. And that's great too. It doesn't feel as validating, so it's harder to get as excited about, but these lessons are the ones which will actually result in improvement. Always remember that your objective is to improve, and we can only improve by confronting the things we aren't already good at. The allure of self-validation was often the biggest barrier for me. Where hard things made me feel dumb and inadequate, the things that came easy made me feel great. Consequently, I spent a lot more time on the things I was already good at than the things I wasn't. Obviously not a recipe for success, but it's just human nature and a ton of people fall into this and dig in on things they get while glossing over the things they don't. So as you go through the CC, take your time to really try to master each lesson. When you hit a snag, view it as the opportunity it is and slow way down or, if your study plan allows for it or target score demands it, come to a grinding halt. Draw a line in the sand and give it everything you've got.

  • SmokyMountainBear-1-1SmokyMountainBear-1-1 Core Member
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    thanks for sharing

  • ryan.lattavoryan.lattavo Live Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    Hey SmokyMountainBear,

    I don't think there is a wrong way to go through the CC, per se. Going in the order that we present it in works for most folks, but if you're catching onto a concept quickly and feel like going through some sections feels tedious, feel free to skip around a little. After you hit the diagnostic, use what you got wrong in that practice test to hit certain sections of the CC; that'll be the most effective usage of your time. Throughout your studies, odds are you'll use all of it. @"Cant Get Right" is also really on the nose about the hard stuff for you--it'll suck, but that is where the most improvement will happen.

    Hope this helped,


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