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Not sure how to title this..

candacestubblefieldcandacestubblefield Monthly + Live Member
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Feb was my 3rd attempt at the LSAT. Last June after studying about 6 months with the PowerScore bibles and online course and my score was an awful 143. I had a ton of tech issues with the proxy and this was before they had the link established to let them know about the proxy issues. I added Kahn academy to my programs and took it again in October, again a 143 but also consistent issues with the Proxy. My PT scores have always been around 150-157 until last week, I broke 160.
I started with 7Sage in Jan and took the test in Feb, the scores were released today and I am at a 145. This time I had a great proxy experience and felt better about the test but found myself struggling with time. I will take the LSAT again in June which is the last time I can take it before I get into Law School this year with the school nearby I want to attend. I can tell that 7Sage is strengthening my foundation and feel confident that I will do better in June but would 7like to know if other people are struggling like this? What did you find to help you get over your slump if you did?
I am not one that like to take PT's, I try to attend as many of the live classes as I can and I follow the curriculum, I try to practice test when I know I will have time to do it but I prefer to practice sections at a time. I'm not sure if that's something that I should start doing more often or not?
It drives me absolutely crazy that we can't see what we missed on the LSAT because I would like to know what I need to work on, taking the LSAT and taking a PT are not similar experiences for me, it's making me wonder if I am struggling worse than I am aware with test anxiety or something similar. My pt.'s are always higher scores and my GPA and performance in school doesn't match my test scores at all. I realize that LSAT and GPA are not similar but I feel like if I am capable at school I should be capable on the LSAT as well.
Just a heads up: I know I shouldn't have taken these tests so close together or before I was ready, that was not something I understood until coming to 7Sage. I am also a married stay at home mom and my husband is uber supportive but we just can't afford to add tutoring to the mix so I appreciate all the tutors that email me wanting to help or commenting on my comments but it's not an option at this time, as much as I know it would help and I wish we could afford it.


  • canihazJDcanihazJD Alum Member Sage
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    DM me contact info. Happy to go through your data and troubleshoot.

  • ryan.lattavoryan.lattavo Member Sage 7Sage Tutor
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    Hi candacestubblefield,

    I think your best bet at this time is to utilize the Foolproof method from the Core Curriculum to greatly increase your LG score. At the same time, I would recommend taking one PT to add to your Analytics page, and then focusing on improving on the Priority questions that the Analytics page informs you of. That'll be the best way to quickly increase and improve your score. In addition, continue practicing RC--its always slow to improve in, and there aren't any 'get rich quick' tricks for it like there may be.

    In addition, our tutors would love to still get a purview of your analytics and describe to you in better detail than I can the best way to improve, even if you can't afford the tutoring service:

    Please, feel free to reach out and schedule a session--its completely free to you!

    All the best,


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